I happened to run into Michael's firm while searching for a foundation contractor on line. I'm a 71 year architect from Boston who had heard that it would be difficult to find knowledgeable contractors with high degrees of expertise that could handle complex structural issues, However, much to my surprise this was not the case with Michael. He proved to be extremely knowledgeable and passed ever test I could throw at him ;that let me know that he had paid his dues in the trenches and knew his craft.
More additionally, he was very candid and honest about what he could do for me and could not do for me.
I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be guided in the correct, professional direction when dealing with foundation development and final structuralization that will handle the complexity of very sensitive terrain condition which seem to prevail in the Portland area. ~ Joe Costantino  

Michael, owner of Space Down Under, is a craftsman of the first order. In an industry often intent on flipping a property as quickly as possible, Michael insists on building with integrity. He prides himself in rarely receiving calls to return to the job site once the project has been completed - because he did the job right the first time. Michael spent several months in my home doing concrete work as well as intricate finish carpentry. He is knowledgeable, has the right tools for the job and is a relentless worker. He is often willing to tackle complex jobs that require original thinking and unorthodox techniques. Projects on old construction are fraught with unknowns. Once you accept this inevitable fact, you realize why Michael is the right person for the job. Accept the process (translation: more time than you want it to take) and rest in the assurance that your project will be done right and last you a lifetime. Dan P.

I hired Space Down Under to do an inspection of a house that I had put an offer on. Michael was a straight-shooter and ended up saving me a lot of work and money. He not only gave me his advice, but took the time to educate me about why he was saying what he was saying - showed me what to look for in the future. When I have spoken with other inspectors, contractors, etc. they are often patronizing with me, as a young woman with very little existing knowledge about homes, construction, etc. Michael was very patient and respectful. I would absolutely recommend Space Down Under to any potential home buyer. Having a sound foundation is so important, and Space Down Under will ensure you know what you are getting yourself into. ~ Lizzie Fussell   

I own Portland Painting & Restorations. We focus on Painting primarily, but add some custom awnings, decks, etc... And we've contracted Space down under to produce some custom Iron supports, and always inquire with him before any attempt at small concrete work, as he is the god of concrete. Our shop is just around the corner from his and we see a lot of his projects and crews in action. And they're always hard working and very meticulous.  And his work speaks for itself, do yourself a favor and visit a couple of his projects, you'll know you're making a good decision in choosing them. ~ Benjamin.   

Excellent service, we had a small job of moving some soil from our backyard recently during a landscaping project. We found Space Down Under through word of mouth and were very happy with their willingness to work with us on such a small job, highly recommended!" ~ Colleen S.   

Space Down Under helped us assess our home for a remodel and adding more space, we were considering whether to add a basement where just a crawlspace exists, or build on a ground floor addition to our Ranch style home. We were impressed with their input and concern for creating a practical and affordable space that would work for our family and our lifestyle. ~ T. Luedecke